A Breath of Fresh Air

Thu 25 January 2024 by R.L. Dane

It's funny to me how simple, practical changes can produce lasting effects. It's also funny how something can seem so insurmountable when you're stuck in a certain mindset, only to realize that it's just a matter of a simple change of thinking and habits.

When I was younger (read: thirties), I idolized the idea of waking up at 5 am. I had a couple of friends who made a habit of getting up at 5, and it felt like a heroic thing to me. I tried it a few times: wake up, incredibly bleary-eyed, stumbling through some morning devotional readings and blunder through the rest of the day.

I guess because I've gone through REAL insomnia since then, my body is somehow more tolerant of schedule shifts, and I'm able to get up early with a little bit more consistency than before.

This morning, like a handful of other times the past couple weeks, I found myself awake at or just before five am, did a quick morning routine, hopped in my car, and found a coffee shop that's open early.

Today, I discovered a really neat coffee shop just a couple few miles east of me in an area I don't usually spend much time in (not a bad area, just older). This coffee shop had really nice music (I stopped going to Starbucks both because of their anti-union activities, and because they almost always have uncomfortably loud and often garish music), a nice atmosphere, and comfy seats. PARADISE!!

I pulled out my Pinebook Pro laptop (a very cheap and incredibly useful little ARM Linux subnotebook I got a few years back), pulled up my daily reading and notes, and went to town while enjoying some really good hot tea and a bagel while perusing one of the Gospels.

And you know what? It made all the difference in the world. I got home tonight and instead of feeling anxious and wanting to fill the time with TV or silly internet videos, I just chilled out on the couch and did a little bit of shell scripting. I felt a general sense of emotional welness and contentment, mainly because I got an early start on the day, and was able to spend time in reflection without feeling that I was behind the curve all day long.

Sometimes the simplest things can have incredibly lasting effects.
So never give up. Things can change.