A Grief Fulfilled

Thu 11 July 2024

Just moments ago, I removed the cat bed that's been on the corner of my bed for the past nine months, and placed it in the closet.

Minutes before that, as I walked into my home, I called out to my cat one last time (which I had done nearly daily as a kind of observance since he passed).

Nine months. I feels like a whole number...
I feel like a whole person.

Bonus that I also got to celebrate my mother's birthday today, and several friends and even a couple former caregivers came to celebrate with us. That definitely helped color the day with bright hues.
But even without that temporally coextensive occurrence (a fancy way of saying "coincidence" without trying to force a clinical worldview upon the happenstance), the time feels fulfilled.

Rest in glory, furry beloved. We will play yet again.

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