Fun Chance Meetings

Thu 28 December 2023 by R.L. Dane

A couple days ago, I was discussing with my counselor the importance of in-person relationships. I commented on how incredibly easy it is to open a computer and drop into a meaningful and enjoyable conversation within a few minutes (especially on the Fediverse!), but that it felt nearly impossible to do so "in real life."

After that session, I went to one of my favorite local coffee shops to enjoy some Earl Grey, a Danish, and to write out some notes from the session, and start looking into the things I was planning to execute from the recommendations I had received.

As I sat and started typing away, a couple sat down at the table next to me and started speaking in a language I hadn't heard before, which was quite exciting to me. I started looking for opportunities to engage with them (even briefly) without being nosy... The gentleman got up to go warm himself by the fireplace (yes, winter is finally here in Texas, ever so slightly), and returned looking disappointed. I smiled and commented on how disappointing an experience the fireplace was (because the large glass pane sealing it blocks all infrared).

We had a laugh about the unhelpful, just-for-show large gas fireplace at the coffee shop, and then I mustered the courage to ask, "Forgive me for asking, but what was that beautiful language I heard you guys speaking?" He said that it was Swahili, and talked about the regions of Africa it is spoken in. We had a brief, warm conversation, and it made my day to be able to push through the bustle of daily life to actually connect with someone outside of my usual circles, even if just for a moment.